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The HF Radio has a range of approximately 4000 km! Australian HF Touring Club Inc. maintains base stations in NSW, QLD, NT, & WA, so our members are able to communicate to and from anywhere in Australia! Your Australian HF Touring Club membership provides access to all club frequencies, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, ABC AM Radio and 27 MHz Radio. Chat with friends and family members over the radio, or access our landline & mobile telephone systems to place a call! Log your GPS coordinates at any time with the push of a button, or pass your position by voice to one of our members during a "Galah Session". Send messages and GPS coordinates to loved ones by creating an email distribution list or direct to your Facebook Page! Use your radio to send messages via SMS to any mobile telephone in Australia!

When it comes to safety, there is not a better guarantee for peace of mind than owning a HF Radio. If you need help—day or night, there is always someone listening. Australian HF Touring Club Inc. has members in every state of Australia! We have members on farms and stations, in motorhomes and caravans! From the 4WD warrior to the retired radio buff — our members are here to help each other. Many of our members are constantly on the road (with radios on, of course), so you can exchange greetings and news all over the country! Our membership roster includes Radio Experts, Hardware & Software Technicians, and Experienced Trainers who can assist you with the installation and operation of your radio. Not sure about which radio to purchase? No problem! Australian HF Touring Club Inc. will help! Contact the Field Officer for information regarding training & purchases.

The current fees are as follows:

*Membership year runs from 1st February to 31st January. New members are granted a pro rata reduction of their first year's annual membership fee based on their date of enrolment. The pro rata fees are as follows:


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